Access templates for an offer letter, welcome letter, and announcement to your team. Their offerings include an engaging eLearning platform and thousands of courses on project management, HR, leadership, and more. Taking breaks prevents burnout, improves mental health, and increases job satisfaction. It also remote onboarding best practices gives those who get distracted easily something to look forward to, which can help them stay focused and get more done during work hours. It takes place over a few weeks or months and is more in-depth than orientation. The corporate world has undergone significant changes due to employee virtual tr…

The amount of time spent varies greatly depending on the personnel and their work patterns. Your remote onboarding plan should be concise, well thought out and be a document you can share with everyone, regardless of job title. Streamlining it this way can help you avoid confusion and extra documentation that isn’t necessary. The map should incorporate user needs, expectations, and intentions, considering the user’s emotional journey. Identifying touchpoints aligns the onboarding process, resulting in a comprehensive user journey map for effective onboarding UX.

Onboarding Virtually Requires The Right Tools

This information can give you some valuable insight on how to plan first days going forward. If possible, let your new employees complete these forms electronically so they don’t have to deal with the hassle of printing them and filling them out manually. Specifically, what meetings are they required to attend and when they will take place. Here are 7 best practices that we used to successfully onboard our new members virtually.

Best Remote Onboarding Practices to Adopt

Training feedback forms also helps you refine your process and improve it for the next group of new remote employees who join your company. It’s easy for remote employees to feel isolated or struggle to collaborate with their co-workers. Incorporate activities into the first day that help new hires get to know you and their other team members. A good onboarding strategy increases productivity and improves job satisfaction. It also helps new employees feel accepted and supported from the beginning and contributes to higher employee retention rates.

Your hiring teammate

For example, HubSpot prioritizes training and offers new hires a series of optional training sessions in addition to a traditional workplace. Ensure that your remote employees are familiar with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams’ interactive walkthroughs will help them become comfortable with the platform and actively explore its features.

For example, if you’re using productivity tools, such as Slack, Trello, and Google Drive, you need to ensure they have the correct login details or user accounts. While it might not be possible to provide all these essentials, you have to ensure they have access to the necessary tools for completing their work effectively. It’s essential to point out mistakes during training and show the correct methods, strategies, or techniques they should use.

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