Frylock declares this becoming “depraved”; Shake thanks him and you will states the guy dreams she sees you to definitely in the him too

“Mail-order Bride to be” is the basic Christmas time-styled bout of this new Adult Move mobile collection Aqua Adolescent Cravings Force, brought and broadcast as seventeenth episode of the new show’s earliest 12 months.


Because a christmas time present to on their own, Shake and you may Carl split the cost of an email-buy fiance away from Chechnya. Carl is wanting toward sex the guy won’t have to pay for each and every day, when you find yourself Shake is delighted to possess you to definitely create and you can brush and wait towards him. Carl and you will Move rapidly start attacking more who can score basic access to their “co-fiance”.

Up on arriving, the Chechnyan bride-to-be Svetlana is quickly accosted from the Carl and Move and you will horrified by both choices; Shake need she “get in your kitchen and you may boil [him] particular sausages” when you find yourself Carl gifts their a tiny grams-string and you will tells their own to help you “lay which towards the and you will shake they”. She flees so you’re able to Carl’s house and you can barricades by herself to the. When you’re trying availability their family via the second story screen, Carl falls and you will breaks their neck. Svetlana observes that it and you may punctually fingernails an item of plywood round the the fresh window. Next initiatives of the Carl to go into only grounds Svetlana so you can “scream within me personally within language. including a demon screaming during the myself or something”. She do have the ability to express you to definitely she will only perform some wedding services in the event the she can remain secured inside the Carl’s bedroom.

Meanwhile Meatwad and Frylock commemorate Christmas time. Frylock provides Meatwad the hair he’d already been requesting and you will Meatwad provides Frylock the brand new “wrap-around cups” he had been requesting: a random choice of pinecones and you may sticks hot fixed to one another (given that Move highlights, something similar to the machine he got the season prior to, venezuelan female made totally out of will leave).

Because class assembles exterior Carl’s room into marriage ceremony (that have Carl putting on a bluish tuxedo that have ruffles more an enormous neck traction rig because of his busted neck and Shake using a black colored bowtie and cummerbund secured in order to his cup). Frylock demonstrates not able to pronounce Svetlana’s last term. Carl claims it does not matter, “merely say Smith or Jones or something”. Whenever Frylock can not pronounce Carl’s past identity sometimes, Carl says to your “Just state Smith also, it doesn’t matter. None with the issues.” When Frylock informs these to slip the fresh new ring under the home, Move suggests he’s got no ring, and “isn’t bringing roped to your all that” due to the fact the guy “has not yet seen food one that entire thing started.” Carl believes, and you may Frylock skips it and you may announces all of them married, which instantaneously encourages Svetlana so you can break Carl’s room window, stay away from towards the a rope made of bedsheets and flee the view from inside the Carl’s auto. Carl, surprised from the all of a sudden short stop of matrimony, muses one she appear to “had the vehicle”, hence Meatwad points out was commercially 1 / 2 of hers today, “otherwise a 3rd. I dunno.”

The latest event concludes which have an excellent cheesy relationship DJ (hired from the Move and you will spoken from the actually ever-witty George Lowe) congratulating the brand new “Mister(s) and you can Mrs. Portowsky”, which encourages an effective torrent away from abuse from Carl to own mispronouncing their name, along with a request he “get the heck out-of here”, whereupon Shake reminds him they will have “had your ‘til 3” whilst the fiance is over and you can no one is like moving except Meatwad.

The very last world was an unusually-holding motion of sympathy away from Meatwad, whom says to Carl he “knows he could be damaging” and gives him a consolation Christmas present; a stick to a bend on it. Carl’s remarks: “Oh. A great.”

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