Here’s the connection Condition of any Love Is actually Blind 12 months 5 Couples Now

Reality TV shows often advertise their upcoming seasons as the most dramatic yet, but Love Was Blind season 5 really meant it. This season has featured more love triangles, breakups, and shake ups than any other season, and for the first time ever, we only had two weddings during the finale, and people (rightfully) dropped out during every part of the experiment, from the pods to the couples vacation in Mexico.

Unfortunately, all of this drama and messiness hasn’t really translated to fans, as many people have spoken about how they miss the love and commitment shown on previous seasons, especially seasons cuatro. The good news is we still have a reunion to straighten things out, and while Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the series yet, there could be more to come.

However, back once again to seasons five. The last time we spotted the fresh new partners, Stacy and you can Izzy and you may Lydia and you may Milton was in fact obtaining its marriage certificates and having happy to head down the section, but both partners got their unique issues to work through before and come up with anything certified and you may saying I really do.

Since this is Love is Blind, anything can happen, and we have information on what happened during the show’s finale, as well as where the couples are now. Since the show was filmed in spring 2022, you may be surprised to hear that some of the cast’s relationship statuses have changed.Here’s what you need to know about the Love is Blind season five couples now.

Stacy & Izzy

Stacy and vacker sexig Tjeckian tjej you will Izzy got engaged in the pods after Izzy broke it off with his other connections, and they were both pleased when they finally got to see each other for the first time during the reveal. Their couple’s vacation in Mexico went pretty well, but they started having some problems after heading back home to Houston, mainly about finances, cooking and honesty.

Things stumbled on a mind an individual nights before relationship, whilst ended up Izzy had not started completely transparent on his personal credit card debt and you will credit history. You to rattled Stacy. given that she got expected your regarding it just before and he hadn’t opened up. To their wedding day, Izzy informed the fresh new cams that he was viewing “yes” on altar. Stacy however appeared to be wary once the she got able, although she did claim that she appreciated Izzy.

Once they made their way up the aisle and it was time to say I do, Izzy said yes, but Stacy said no. She told Izzy that while she loved him and didn’t necessarily want to break things off, she didn’t feel like it was right for them to get married, and that she needed more time. Izzy was shaken and upset, and it seems like they both left on not the best terms. As for where they are right now, it’s extremely unclear, but Izzy could have been watched hanging out with someone that doesn’t look like Stacy.

And also in the newest reunion, that’s it but confirmed. The 2 mutual they might be in dating, not with each other. They found it found per week adopting the ceremony and you can talked. Izzy was troubled you to definitely Stacy wished to begin over, and you may didn’t talk to their own for a year. However, since then, obtained rekindled a relationship. The 2 are now relationship other people.

Lydia & Milton

Lydia and you may Milton got together after her failed connection with Izzy, along with her secret request to rekindle things with Uche at the beginning of the season. Initially, Lydia had been reticent about Milton because of their age gap, but they continued to get to know each other, and Milton eventually proposed to Lydia. Most of their real life conflicts happened because they’re just very different people; Milton is disorganized, Lydia is neat. Additionally, Milton’s family wasn’t fully on board with their marriage, and the couple also had some tension with Uche during the pod squad get-together.

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