John Griffith, s/o Griffith John, Merion and you may Elegance Foulke, d/o Edward, Gwynedd on Gwynedd mh, 3 rd mo 6, 1707

Evan Griffith second child from Griffith John regarding Meirion [sic] on the County from Philadelphia and you will Jane Jones action daughter out-of John Humphrey out of Gwynedd on aforementioned condition with proclaimed the objectives of Marriage etc. which 30 day of this new 3d mo.: 1707 etc. Witnesses: Men sign beneath the bride and groom: Griffith John, Jn o Humphrey, Wm John, Ed d ffoulke, Jn o Griffith, Cadd r Jones, Hugh Jones, Tho: Jones, Hum: Jones, Tho: Evan, Hugh Griffith and you will Robt Evan; Female sign in column to left of your own dudes: Gaenor Humphrey, Anne Jones, Eliza: Jones, Ellin ffoulke, Cath: Jones, Grace Griffith, Anne Lewis, Ellin Jones, Eliza: Jones, Anne Pugh, Ellin Parry, Gainor Jones, Anne Evan, Sara Evan, Cath: Pugh, Ellin Griffith, Lowry Evan, Ellin Roberts and much more in two articles to the left.

John Hall, s/o Mahlon from Blockley m. Anne Morris off exact same d/o Edward off Montgomery, in the Merion mh, eleven th mo 21, 1783.

Rees Harry, s/o David out of Plymouth, yards. Mary Rates d/o Rees out of Haverford, during the Haverford mh, ten th mo 12, 1727.

Jn o Humphrey, Abell Thomas, Jn o Hugh, Rob t Davis, Owen Roberts, Deprive t Roberts, Hugh Griffith, Jn o Griffith, Evan Griffith, Wm Lewis, Evan Owen, Robert Jones, David Griffith, Hugh Robert, Robert Evan

Ellis Hughs, s/o John of Gwynedd, yeoman and hot looking puerto rican kvinner Jane Foulke d/o Edward off Gwynedd at the Gwynedd mh, cuatro th mo 5, 1713

Griffith Hugh, s/o Hugh Griffith, Gwynedd, yeoman m. Jane Roberts d/o Robert Ellis dec’d out of Radnor, during the Gwynedd mh, 10 th mo 2, 1718.

Rowland Hugh, Gwynedd, yeoman, yards. Catharine Humphrey, Merion at Merion mh, 8 th mo. 8, 1708; Wit: Ellin and you may Jane Hugh; John, Robert and Gainor Humphrey and you may 62 anybody else

Morris Humphreys, Montgomery, character s/o Richard dec’d and Hannah dec’d m. Sarah S. Evans, d/o David and you may Mary out of Merion at Merion mh, 11 th mo 19, 1812.

Robert Humphrey, Gwynedd, yeoman, yards. Margaret Evans, Radnor on Radnor mh, 9 th mo step 1, 1705. Witnesses, Line 3: Gwen Evans, Gaenor Roberts, Ellin Hugh, Eliza.Thomas, Cath. Humphrey, Ellin Evan, Mary Owen, Mary Orme, Cathrine Orme, ar Kilometers, Phebe Kilometers, Susanna Jones, Priscilla Jarman, Lowry Jones, Eliza. Williams, Anne Jones. Col cuatro.

David Jones, Gwynedd yards. Lowry Robert, of exact same, from the Gwynedd yards.h. 9 th mo. 24, 1704. Witnesses: Line step one: Jane Rob t , Ellin ffoulk, Jane Rees, Grace ffoulk, Margrett Jones, Jane Jones, Ann Edward. 2: Thomas Evan, Hugh Griffith, Edd ffoulk, Robert Thomas, John Hugh, Owen Evan, Cadd. Evan, Meredith David, Robert Jones. step 3. Griffith Jones, Rees Speed, Thomas ffoulk, Hugh ffoulk, Cadd ffoulk, Hugh Evan. Col cuatro (below bride and groom): John Robert, Ellis Robert, William Roberts, Evan Robert, Cadd. Robert, Morris Robert, Evan Hugh, Robert Pugh, Nicholas Robert, Jo n Davis, Rowland Robert.

Evan Jones, s/o John Evans, Radnor yards. Lowry Evans d/o Thomas, Gwynedd, during the Gwynedd mh, 4 th mo 8, 1711


Evan Jones, s/o John of Montgomery yards. Hannah Lawrence, d/o Henry dec’d off Haverford within Gwynedd mh, six th mo 10, 1766. Witnesses: (line less than bride and groom): John Jones, Jesse Jones, William Foulke, Hannah Foulke, Caleb Foulke, Susanna Jones, Mary Jones, Ellinor Lawrence, David Lewis, Rachel Lewis, es, John Jones, Ruth Lewis, Robert Jones, Daniel Morgan, E Morgan, Mary Evans, etcetera.

John Jones s/o Rees dec’d regarding Merion yards. Jane Edward d/o Edward Griffith dec’d away from Llan y Cool Co. Merioneth, Wales, in the Gwynedd mh, 4 th mo. 9, 1713. Wit: around wedding couple, column 4: Hanah Davids, Ellis Davids, Richard Jones, John Roberts, Robert Evans, Griffith Edward, Tho: Jones, Hugh Griffith, David Davids, Jacob Border, Abel Thomas, Evan Griffith, Tho: Evans, John Griffith, David Griffith; line step three: Margt Edwards, Lowry Lloyd, Jane Davids, Sara Line, Margt Jones, Sarah Evans, Ellin Hughs, Gwen ffoulke, Margt Roberts, Jane Evans, , Sarah Evan Jr., Gaenor Humphrey, Elizabeth Robert. Col dos: Caddr ffoulke, Hugh ffoulke, William Williams, John Jones, Robt Evan, Evan Evans, Owen Evans, Edd Jones, Cad Evans, Owen Evan, John Humphrey, Cadr Morris, Jno Cadwalader. Col step 1: Jno Hugh, Robt Jones, Robt Evan, Edd ffoulke, Rowland Ellis, Ellis Pugh, Evan Owen, Hugh Evan, Ed Cadwalader, Rowland Hugh, Owen Roberts, Tho: ffoulke, David Evans.

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