Killed age 21 toward twenty-first away from July 1944 Son of Louisa Ann Barson, off Ilford, Essex

John Edward Gilbertson, RNZAF NZ41894 – Airplane pilot. Martin John Byrne, RNZAF NZ404529 – Observer. Ronald Patrick Callaghan, RNZAF NZ411739 – Cordless Agent. Alan Walter Rutherford, RNZAF NZ404572 – Top Gunner. William Arthur Titcomb, RAFVR 1291758 – Rear Gunner.

Wellington Mk.III Bj.661 AA-X was shot down by a good German Ju 88 night-combatant on hours toward Ijsselmeer, close Amsterdam, during its means household after the Hamburg raid. The fresh new Ju 88 staff away from several is Lieutenant Wilfgang Kuthe and you can his gunner, Unteroffizier Helmut Bonk.

Simply Callahan the fresh new W/op, and you can Rutherford the latest nose gunner, live the latest freeze and you can floated 100 % free, backed by their existence vests. They were afterwards rescued and you can provided for a beneficial POW camp.


Brand new authorities of your master and you can navigator have been retrieved about damage and you can tucked in Amsterdam. The rear gunner’s human body floated 100 % free and you may try recovered afterwards specific length about crash webpages and you can buried at Harderwijk.

It’s thought likely that BF.396 could have been delivered off because of the Oblt. Werner Huseman from Stab NJG1 at , to your aircraft coming down on North sea approximately 5km West of Bergen aan Zee, not this has perhaps not started substantiated. (Source Aircrew Remembered

Cyril Philip Bailie, RAFVR 1578834/ 155786 – Airplane pilot. F/S Jack Thomson, RNZAF NZ421145 – second Pilot. F/O William Turner, RNZAF NZ416579 – Navigator. Joseph Isherwood, RAFVR 1502733 – Heavens Bomber. Edward ‘Eddie’ Millward, RAFVR 1385557 – Wireless Operator. William Howard Thompson, RAFVR 1484375 – Flight Engineer. Thomas Purdie, RAFVR 1554949 – Mid Upper Gunner. Ernest Francis Bing search, RAFVR 1358198 – Buttocks Gunner.

W/O Trevor Fear, RAFVR 1317167 – Pilot. Brian Hartley Ruddy, RAFVR 1419688 – Navigator. Andrew Bain, RAFVR 658930 – Air Bomber. Douglas George Woolcott, RAFVR 1290189 – Cordless Agent. Charles Munro, RAFVR 1566746 – Trip Engineer. Joseph Andrew Cletus Holmes, RCAF R.143622 – Mid Higher Gunner. Alexander Davidson, RCAF R.181120 – Butt Gunner.

Lancaster Mk.I LL866 AA-S “Swingtime” was lead off over Germany, crashing near Untereisesheim, regarding the a kilometer Northern regarding Heilbronn. There are no survivors. The staff had been buried regarding Durnbach Combat Cemetery.

P/O Keith Owen Whitehouse, RNZAF NZ428899 – Airplane pilot. F/S Jack Thomas Miliner, RAAF AUS.426367 – Navigator. F/S Beam Steele Horsford, RAFVR 1387835 – Air Bomber. W/O Keat Dudding, RNZAF NZ415522 – Wireless Agent . Bernard Leighton, RAFVR 2209941 – Flight Professional. Robert Charles Baker, RAFVR 1624103 – Mid Upper Gunner. F/S George Alfred Badge Taverner, RAAF AUS.429835 – Bottom Gunner.

P/O Raymond Frederick Bennett, RNZAF NZ415282 – Airplane pilot. Raymond Francis Norman RNZAF NZ416145 – next Airplane pilot. F/S Alan Lloyd Davidson, RNZAF NZ411864 – Navigator. F/S Frederick Alexander Bandy, RAFVR 1318948 – Sky Bomber. F/S Stanley Leo Kavanagh, RNZAF NZ403579 – Cordless Operator. J.B. Harrison, RAFVR 1052295 – Flight Engineer. James Allan Pirie, RCAF R.108000 – Middle Top Gunner. Christopher Patrick Middleton, RNZAF NZ413337 – Rear Gunner.

Thomas Smith Barclay, RNZAF NZ411358 – Airplane pilot. Ronald George Renauf Hodges, RCAF R.92164 – Observer. Waring, RAFVR – Wireless Agent. Cyril Ingleby, RNZAF 937625/ 118898 – Side Gunner. John William Filda Atkin, RNZAF NZ411057 – Butt Gunner.

Lancaster Mk.I LL866 AA-S “Swingtime” try brought down more Germany, crashing close Untereisesheim, on the a distance Northern away from Heilbronn. There have been zero survivors. All of the staff have been buried regarding Durnbach Conflict Cemetery.

Jack Honest MacDonald Barson, RAFVR 1324529 – Wireless Operator. Buried Jonkerbos Combat Cemetery, Nijmegen, Holland. Grave venue – twelve. J. 4. ‘He has got aside soared Brand new shadow your night; Jealousy and you may calumny And you will hate and pain’

W/O Harold Whittington, RNZAF NZ42488 – Airplane pilot. F/O Joseph Stevens, RAFVR 125607 – Navigator. Alfred Alexander Simpson, RNZAF NZ425112 – Sky Bomber. P/O Phillip Edwin Tompkins, RAFVR 157922 – Wireless User . D. W. Gore, RAFVR 1624691 – Airline Professional. Ronald John Morton Batty, RAFVR 548542 – Middle Top Gunner. F/S Andrew Crawford Fletcher, RNZAF NZ42675 – Rear Gunner.

– Assault Facing Solingen Twenty-one routes became popular so you can attack Solingen from inside the sunlight, carrying 8,000 lb, cuatro,000 lb, step 1,000 pound, five-hundred pound, cuatro lb incendiaries and no.17 Groups. Every teams decrease their bombs from the address city, however the raid looked like thrown. Flak opposition was moderate. That flights captained from the NZ428797 F/O J. Scott, did not come back.

Maurice Perrott Bell, RNZAF NZ404882 – Pilot. Franklyn Bertram Cran, RNZAF NZ405237 – second Pilot. Claude Joseph Harris, RNZAF NZ404028 – Observer. Ronald Gilliam Allen, RAFVR 1261123 – Cordless User. Thomas Richard Cross, RAFVR 917809 – Top Gunner. James William Hinton, RAFVR 1150584 – Buttocks Gunner.

Richard Charlwood Barker, RAFVR 1006997 – Pilot. P/O Trevor Bernard Robertson, RNZAF NZ404948 – next Pilot. Harold Dawson Grimes, RAAF AUS.404532 – Observer. David Levick Beney, RAFVR 960078 – Wireless Agent. Grams.F. Cole, RAFVR 961126 – Top Gunner. James Blake Stephenson, RCAF R.65625/ 96324 – Buttocks Gunner.

Stirling Mk.We EF430 AA-Q is engaged by the AA fire whenever you are transiting the latest Dutch seaside town and you may is actually produced off about Waddenzee, South east out of Vlieland, within time. Not one of one’s staff lasted. Are typical commemorated on the Runnymede Art gallery.

F/S Richard Charles Whitmore, RNZAF NZ421123 – Pilot. F/O David Maurice Adamson, RNZAF NZ415052 – Navigator. Hugh Munn, RAFVR 1349759 – Sky Bomber. Frederick Charles Cowan, RAFVR 1387682 – Cordless Driver. John Bosworth Beresford, RAFVR 1583723 – Airline Engineer. Frederick John Charles Chesson, RAFVR 1336122 – Middle Higher Gunner. Tame Hawaikirangi Waerea, RNZAF NZ421300 – Bottom Gunner.

Eric Richmond Browse, RAFVR 1291752 – Pilot

Edwin Harry Beyer, RAFVR 657044 – Observer. Harry Edward Goldie, RAFVR 1187044 – Wireless Agent. Glenville McArter, RNZAF Roentgen.87459 – Side Gunner. William Anderson, RAFVR 650736 – Rear Gunner.

– Assault Facing Plans on Berlin Five aircraft was intricate so you can attack these objectives that have bombs of just one,000lbs and you can incendiaries out-of 30lb. and 4lb. One routes came back very early due to an air failure and two did not get back. The rest flights effectively decrease their bombs regarding Address Town. It absolutely was tough to measure the performance as there try ths affect across the target. Nothing resistance is actually encountered and no occurrences was advertised. Navigation are decent. The newest missing aircraft have been Stirlings Mk.III LJ453 Captained from the F/S A good.Unmarried and you will EF148 Captained of the F/S. J. TURNER.

P/O Francis Max McKenzie, RNZAF NZ41244 – Pilot. Albert Edgar Western, RNZAF NZ421947 – Navigator. John Frederick Blank, RNZAF NZ422175 – Heavens Bomber. Basil Henry Broadhead, RNZAF NZ415986 – Cordless Operator. Roentgen.Good.W. Triptree, RAFVR 1323983 – Flight Engineer. J.R.Grams. Chrystal, RAFVR 520340 – Mid Top Gunner. Eric William McGonigal, RNZAF NZ421329 – Butt Gunner.

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