Meatwad: Is it where the camp is actually?

Circus [ change ]

Shake: Meatwad, be in this bag! Frylock: Exactly what? Shake: What? I had airholes. Shake: Sure, today gimme a hug. But, support the bag to your, okay? Meatwad: Has the scent of vomit. Shake: Shut-up! The brand new therapist means the fresh new give you advice, in which he will be sending you straight back household for individuals who cam and you might never know RAM! Meatwad: Okay Shake, see you in a week. Shake: Yeah, I shall see you during the each week. In the heck! Meatwad: Hey Randy, I don’t know what’s going on, but could I trading bunks? Randy: Oh that is Into the-Aside Boy. Their mouth is actually their belly, therefore he’s gotta slap at the their singing chords with his bladder which will make terminology. Meatwad: . I-I-Really don’t like this go camping.

Can i go back home today? Randy: Grow into A mountain DAMNIT! Terrify me personally! Meatwad: Today find, I really don’t accomplish that however, I am able to do this (becomes good hotdog) and that. Randy: Ripped off once more. Carl: Hi, where’s Beef Mountain around? Frylock: Your indicate Meatwad. Carl: Oh no, they certainly were callin’ ‘im Beef Mountain past. Shake: Ok, I am browsing go. Frylock: You are not supposed anyplace Move. Carl: Yeah, ya gotta already been read through this guy. Igloo, hot dog, igloo, one section. Nevertheless entire date the fresh new stripper’s shakin’ it before ‘im. Frylock: My jesus! In which try this? Carl: The fresh new factory in front of Girls To you, you realize, the brand new underwear acting put. Frylock: Uh, no, I don’t know Carl. Carl: Well-ell, twenty cash, 20 minutes.

I am tellin’ ya, one to Friday night, all of us Fry-man, blow the brand new lid off of the mutual! Yeah-heh! Frylock: Really don’t think so Carl. Frylock: Your sold Meatwad towards circus, did you not? Shake: Each day I purchase and sell some body like you! However, no, I didn’t do that. But according to exactly what I’m reading here, somebody possess. Frylock: Exactly how much, Move? Shake: Two. Frylock: One or two? Several just what? Shake: A few cash. Exactly what? What is actually wrong thereupon? Will they be from their minds? Carl: Lookup, Really don’t performs my butt from to own twenty occasions each week and so i can throw my personal money aside, that’s wasteful! These types of costs was strictly for me personally so you’re able to hug. Frylock: Impress, the competition is really moving away from with this.

Carl: Well, that’s high. I’m so happy to possess ‘em. In which are the strippers? Carl: Yeah, the management? Where was basically the fresh strippers? Randy: Didn’t you want ‘em. Meats Slope brings regarding the group simply by themselves. Carl: Well you bring myself straight back my personal $dos. Meatwad: Randy, he [Shake] is not out of space. Randy: Yeah, I am aware little guy, end in I’m this new prince regarding Jupiter. Meatwad: You never explained you to definitely. Randy: Select, in years past dad delivered myself down right here to conquer your own varieties because of the infiltrating your gene pond, understand what What i’m saying is? Meatwad: No Randy: Well. Meatwad: Hence club? Meatwad: Pay attention to me Randy, it doesn’t matter if you will be white, or black, otherwise an excellent sasquatch actually. Providing you pursue their dreams, no matter what crazy otherwise against the law it’s.

Carl: What, your gay?

With the exception of sasquatch, while you are an excellent sasquatch the principles will vary. Randy: Disregard it Meatwad, I am a beneficial circus nut, that’s most of the I shall actually be. Meatwad: . Any kind of. I’m dumb since heck, I can not actually breathe properly, let alone read! What is actually that? Randy: And from now on. Shake: What? Frylock: Yeah, become one Igloo! Carl: Bring your fill up! Frylock: Carl. Randy: Yeah. Shake: Better We uh. Meatwad: And you will I shall show something different Frylock, I did not look for you to definitely computers for the reason that whole go camping. Frylock: Yeah, yeah. State, maybe you have pointed out that Indian burial ground which is planned compliment of our very own drain again? Meatwad: Nah, which is In to the-away Boy. The guy simply needs lodging for many days. Shake: Whoo, I just ate a complete tub laden with cherry cobbler.

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