Source: Group and Earnings, a study associated with the 1900 You

  • Nurses, visiting – Salaries because of the county, 1909Includes a directory of groups one to apply visiting nurses, also salaries paid back. Use the dining table out-of content to track down a state. Source: Visiting medical in america. because of the Y. Waters, (1909).
  • Rail staff member earnings, 1896-1907Lists average every day settlement to have route agencies, conductors, telegraph operators, enginemen, fire fighters, track men, button tenders, crossing tenders, machinists, carpenters and a lot more; given that revealed about 1908 Analytical Conceptual (source). For additional outline on RR earnings within the 12 months 1900, discover this most congressional report.
  • Railroad earnings of the profession, 1892-1902Shows the new each and every day wages for 18 various other railway employment inside modern-day Us bucks.
  • Railway vehicles, building and you may resolve – 1890 in order to 1912Shows earnings by the hour and you will circumstances of works for each month with the ages 1907 to 1912, with breakouts from the state. Is sold with an evaluation out-of 1890 to help you 1912. Source: You.S. BLS Bulletin no. 137
  • Street railways – Personnel earnings from the city, 1905Shows era, earnings and you can principles to have ill get off. Source: 1905 Yearbook of one’s Amalgamated Assoc. from Roadway and you will Digital Railway Professionals out of America, pp. 7-23.
  • Teacher wages by county and you can sex, 1894-1902Taken on You.Smissioner from Degree Statement getting 1902. Suggests mediocre monthly wages off teachers inside 1902 carrying out with the web page LXXXI.
  • Teaching earnings of the competition – South carolina, 1901-1909 Suggests the typical annual paycheck away from both white and you will black teachers within the 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1908, and you may 1909 throughout the state. Source: Yearly report of one’s County Superintendent away from Studies of your own County off Sc.

Design wages, 1900-1909

S. Census. Source: Earnings of wage-earners, 1905 Census off Produces. Source: You. S. Bureau out of Labor Bulletin, zero. 77, Volume XVII (July 1908).

Reveals earnings for 1911-1914, 1919, and 1922 for making men’s room outer clothing-coats, trousers, vests, and over-applications. Source: BLS Bulletin #387.

These types of workers involved with rotating, weaving, printing, dyeing and you will or even creating work into manufacture away from textiles. Suggests each hour wages and you will regular period each week.

Youngster earnings and you may instances investigation getting claims from Virtual assistant, NC, South carolina, GA, AL and MS having 1907-1908. Source: “Income of operatives,” part 4 inside the Overview of reputation off woman and youngster wage earners regarding the You.S., Vol. 1, pp. 297-354.

Earnings of the county, 1900-1909

That it dining table shows the speed just about every day for several operate and you will job across Ca over an excellent 16 season several months. Source: 9th Biennial Statement away from BLS away from California, pp. 59-60

Suggests an average monthly earnings, earnings, experts and getting sailors when you look at the half dozen maritime work organizations. Source: California BLS 11th bien. rept., pp. 53-54.

Suggests the current every single day wages inside the Ca into the 1894, 1896, 1900, and 1902 (source). Yearly income info is broken out by state.

This selection of Municipal Season Courses out-of The Refuge, Connecticut, reveal wages getting police, fire fighters, college educators, principals, strengthening inspectors, clerks and other services employed by area government.

Suggests average pay of the kind of organization, community and you can battle/nationality. This origin also provides microdata on every individual worker inside the Desk We. Source: U.S. BLS Bulletin no. 66 Malaysiska kvinnor dejta, Regularity XIII. Wrote September 1906.

Listings age, career and you may a week income for each of a lot hundred or so feminine teams. Source: Post on updates from lady and you may youngster salary-earners, vol. a dozen, pp. 17-18.

Pages 109-119 reveal the common per week earnings and you may salaries for several job that have mercantile opportunities through the Boston. For every single entry try classified since the person. Source: 33 A beneficial.R. Bureau off Analytics out-of Work out of Massachusetts

Pricing away from pay (every single day) to have designers, foremen, case suppliers, cabinetmakers’ helpers, carvers, finishers, server hands, unskilled laborers, and you will boys on Huge Rapids Settee Organization. Average money from pieceworkers is claimed into the 2nd page. Source: Analysis in accordance with earnings and you may prices away from products, Vol. 2 (Serial Place 5922).

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