There are numerous ahadeeth on this subject matter about Prophet (serenity and blessings away from Allah become on him)

So the woman is like a slave out-of their own husband, otherwise such as for instance a beneficial prisoner; she ought not to go out of his home in place of their consent, if she is advised to do so because of the their unique father, their unique mommy otherwise others, centered on scholarly opinion

Zayd ibn Thabit told you: New husband was a good sayyid (lord otherwise learn) on Book off Allah. elizabeth. their own partner) from the home” [Yoosuf ]. ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab told you: Relationship are slavery, therefore assist among you appear in order to who they are giving their dear daughter to get a slave so you’re able to. Within the al-Tirmidhi and you may somewhere else it’s narrated the Prophet (serenity and blessings out of Allah become on him) said: “I desire one to cure female really, for he is instance prisoners with you.”

Then quoted the latest verse (interpretation of your meaning): “Both discover their lord (we

In the event the men desires to need their to some other put, for as long as he’s performing what is actually needed out of your, and you will observing this new sacred constraints away from Allah pertaining to her, along with her dad tells their never to follow him for the reason that, then she have to obey their own spouse rather than their unique father, given that in that case mom and dad was wrongdoers, and they’ve got no right to share with their particular not to follow people in this way partner, and you will she doesn’t always have the right to obey their own mom when the she informs their own to go out of your or perhaps to end up in issues in order to your to make sure that he will divorce proceedings their own, such as for example requiring even more repairs plus clothes, and you will demanding (the deferred part of) her mahr so that he might divorce or separation their unique. This isn’t permissible for their own to help you follow both from their own moms and dads by the divorcing your in the event the the guy worries Allah regarding their own.

From the four Sunans and you can Saheeh Ibn Abi Hatim it is narrated one Thawban told you: The newest Live messenger out of Allah (comfort and you will blessings off Allah be through to your) said: “One woman whom asks their particular husband to have a divorce case whenever truth be told there is nothing completely wrong, the scent from Eden could be taboo so you’re able to their particular.” Based on another type of hadeeth: “The ladies whom inquire about khul’ and also the women who make a beneficial wanton screen of themselves are in reality hypocrites.”

In case one another or among their parents informs their to make a move that involves obedience in order to Allah, including praying daily, speaking the scenario and you will fulfilling trusts, and you will says to their unique never to lose otherwise waste their unique money, and other points that were enjoined otherwise forbidden from the Allah and his awesome Live messenger, after that she must obey all of them in that, even when the command originates from individuals other than her parents, exactly how on whether it comes from their moms and dads?

If her spouse informs their own to not ever make a move that is enjoined from the Allah, and then he tells her to behave that Allah keeps forbidden, then she shouldn’t obey your for the reason that. The Prophet (comfort and you can blessings away from Allah end up being on your) said: “There isn’t any obedience to the written getting when it pertains to disobedience with the this new Creator.” If the a king orders their slave to do something which involves disobedience for the Allah, this is simply not permissible getting him in order to obey him from the disobeying Him, how can a woman obey their husband or among their particular moms and dads by the committing sin? Most of the jesus is within obeying Allah along with his Live messenger, and all worst is in disobeying Allah and his awesome Messenger. Avoid estimate. Majmoo’ al-Fataawa (-264).

This really is an effective answer predicated on knowledge, and is also sufficient to describe what is suggested, that’s that it is not permissible for the mom to help you spoil the connection between both you and your partner, and it is maybe not permissible for you to obey their unique from inside the one, and your partner’s right to their behavior is actually higher than the mom’s.

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