Women can be is requisite 18 in order to twenty-two weeks

1 April 1898 – The first solitary feminine to be called as full-big date missionaries, Inez Knight and you will Lucy Jane Brimhall, are set aside towards the British Goal.

4 October 1925 – During general conference, President Grant requests that every ward in the Church (1,000 at the time) provide an experienced, financially stable missionary for a “Short Term” mission to North America.six

12 March 1927 – The term district is to be used in place of conference when referring to a territorial division within a mission.7

19 January 1937 – Guys named to help you English-speaking missions are to serve for a couple of decades, and people in international-speaking lands for 2 and a half ages.

26 September 1940 – After being interviewed and recommended by the bishop and stake president, missionaries are to be interviewed by a General Authority at a stake conference.8

23 March 1942 – Due to World War II, recommendations of men for missionary service are to be confined to either Seventies or https://kissbrides.com/no/slovenske-kvinner/ high priests.9

25 April 1942 – Missionary farewells should not be held on Sunday but on some appropriate weekday, and the bishop should supervise the preparation of farewells.ten

Canon publishes an article from the Juvenile Instructor saying that missionaries should not expect to getting put out on 2 yrs but in order to suffice as long as called for

20 November 1943 – Additional guidelines for missionary candidacy are given: men of draft age are not to be recommended for missions without extreme extenuating circumstances; such recommendations also require First Presidency approval. Additionally, female stenographers and professional schoolteachers are not to be called as missionaries, nor are the wives of mature brethren. Men outside draft age can be called if they have good health and would suitably represent the Church and if their families can manage in their absence.11

26 December 1945 – Church leadership reiterates that missionary farewells should not be held on Sundays but on an appropriate weekday. A returning missionary ent meeting, though.thirteen

30 January 1947 – If a farewell consists of entertainment programs, they should be held on a weekday. Where farewells are held on Sunday, they should be conducted as the regular sacrament meeting services. There is no objection to the taking of contributions for the missionary.fourteen

21 Sep 1948 – While the prominent ages to possess feminine missionaries was 23, a short-term exclusion was designed to enable it to be female as early as 21 so you’re able to suffice.

twenty-seven Sep 1950 – Men missionaries would be 20 years of age, unless he has got two years off college or university otherwise army solution, where experience age criteria is actually waived.

Women can be 21 yrs old (to own work environment responsibility)

20 October 1950 – Male missionaries should be 19 years of age, unless they have two years of college or military service, in which event the age requirement is waived.15

14 March 1952 – Age to own missionary provider are 20 for males and you can 23 for women. Basically, divorced women or men really should not be suitable for missionary services.

25 March 1953 – Returned missionaries will not are accountable to General Bodies. This report will rather be produced on the risk presidency and you can high council.

twenty-eight Summer 1960 – One is known as a good missionary from the 19 if the they have finished couple of years of college otherwise 12 months regarding school which have half dozen months’ army services. Earlier couples can get stay doing two years; however, they are 1st called for only six months.

21 July and twenty six August 1960 – Guys may serve while they are 19, despite their earlier educational or armed forces feel.

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